Before leaving for Iraq- Nov. 29, 2002

Statement and Declaration for Steve Clemens

"I, Steve Clemens, am traveling to Iraq to stand in solidarity with the Iraqi population as they face a continued, and possibly an escalated, attack from the government of my nation. The Iraqi people are not my enemy and they have suffered under the repression of their own government as well as under the US/UN economic sanctions which have devastated the economy, medical, and educational systems. Just as I don't wish to identified by the policies of our President, neither should the Iraqi people be bombed or economically strangled because of their President. I believe a violent response to "remove" Saddam Hussein from power will only further victimize innocent civilians and that nonviolent means must be employed. As a follower of the life and teaching of Jesus, I am attempting to love my "enemy" and to be present with them in this difficult time."

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